[11.05.2023] 10-Monate ESC Projekt in Bilbao (Spanien) im Bereich Kinder & Jugendarbeit

The organisation "Kiribil Sarea" wants to host 1 European volunteer in Bilbao, (Basque Country), during 10 months.

The activities in which the european volunteers will colaborate are:

√ Programmes with Children (between 5 and 11 years old) and Teenegers (between 12 and 17 years old): - Design and planning of socio-educational activities - Development of the activities, (based on non-formal education and Educational Leisure) - Direct intervention with children & teenegers - Evaluation of activities and programmes

√ School reinforcement programmes (12-16 years) - Help with homework and study habits of unprotected adolescents - Reading reinforcement with teenagers √ Special programmes: - Day trips (mountains, villages, special activities) - Special activities for cultural celebrations, (Christmas, anniversaries, city festival, etc...)

√ Share the ESC among the young people: - Help in the diffusion of the ESC, (online campaign, workshops,…) - Create material to explain ESC

Dates: 01.09.2023 - 31.07.2024

Application Deadline: 05.06.2023

If you are interested you can find more information & apply here:

[09.05.2023] 12-Monate ESC-Projekt in Tudela (Spanien) im Bereich Soziales

"Fundación Tudela Comparte", located in Tudela (Navarra, Spain), promoter of the VILLA JAVIER 2022-2-ES02-ESC51-VTJ-000091734 project, approved by the European Solidarity Corps, assists people at risk of poverty or social exclusion providing them with food and training.

The foundation is looking for two young volunteers to collaborate on this project for 12 months. It is necessary for the volunteer to have a basic/intermediate level of Spanish, the ability to work in a team and sufficient initiative.

They will participate in three types of tasks: organizing and serving food in a solidarity soup kitchen for adults, accompanying families in a solidarity food store and caring for small children in a toy library.

More information can be found at: and at

If you are interested, write to providing the CV and the LM. Then a video interview can be set up.

[04.05.2023] 8-Monate ESC Projekt in Lannion (Bretagne) im Bereich Jugenarbeit

As part of the development and promotion of international mobility, the town of Lannion is looking for 2 European Volunteers (via the European Solidarity Corps – CES). The volunteers will carry out their mission within the town of Lannion, as members of the Youth Department (working with 15-25 year olds).

The town of Lannion is a medium-sized municipality (≈ 20,000 inhabitants) located on the north coast of Brittany. It hosts about 4,000 students every year.

The Youth Departments objectives are to inform and guide young people from 15 to 25 years of age, to enhance the potential of young people and to promote the voice of the youth in the life of the municipality.

It's mission is to promote international mobility and the notion of a gap year among young people aged 15 to 25/To create and organize info sessions about various mobility schemes and ways to travel.

The volunteer will help to create and disseminate PR contents regarding the flagship events organized by the Youth Department and/or by young people and their associations.
They will create audio/video/podcast content to report on youth events  and the life of young people. And they will assist the team in the implementation of other projects, such as running the Cafeteria at Espace Ste Anne on Thursday afternoons.
Personal initiatives and projects will be encouraged and promoted.

Dates: 02.10.2023 - 30.06.2024

Application Deadline: 30.06.2023

If you are interested you can find more information here:

You could also contact:

[26.04.2023] 6-Monate ESC Projekt in Lyon in generationenübergreifenden Projekten

The volunteer will support the Centre social Quartier Vitalité staff, with the main goal to lead projects responding to the population of our place, especially to the up to 60 years old (solitude, social breakdown). They will offer pedagogical and educational activities with children and young people.

The organization offers several services and activities answering the needs of the locals from Lyon city :

– Leisure time activities for children from 3 to 17 years old ;- Youth project from 11 to 25 years old ;
– Educational support for children ; help with their homework ;
– Social support for families ;- Social support for isolated people ;
– Support for holiday departure and family outings ;
– Support for inhabitants’ initiatives ;
– Organization of manifestations and events in the neighborhood.

Firstly, the volunteer will support the Centre social Quartier Vitalité staff, with the main goal to lead projects responding to the population of our place, especially to the up to 60 years old (solitude, social breakdown, …).

Secondly, the volunteer will offer pedagogical and educational activities with children and young people.

If you are interested you can apply and find more information here:

You can also contact:

Lucie Rozier


[26.04.2023] 1-Monat ESC Team Projekt in Malaga auf den EUSA Beachgames

The European Solidarity Corps team project is a 30 DAYS initiative aimed at promoting youth empowerment and intercultural dialogue, from 5th of September till 5th of October, in Malaga, Spain.

The project will involve a team of 25 volunteers from different European countries, who will work together to organize a series of events and activities in local communities connected to the EUSA Beachgames.

The European Solidarity Corps team project will bring together a diverse group of young volunteers from across Europe to work towards a common goal of promoting youth empowerment and intercultural dialogue. Through a series of activities and events, the volunteers will develop their skills and gain valuable experience in project management, leadership, and communication. They will also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and perspectives and to form lasting relationships with one another. Ultimately, the project aims to create a positive impact on local communities and to inspire a sense of solidarity and cooperation among European youth.

The European Solidarity Corps team project provides funding to support the implementation of the project. This funding covers a variety of costs associated with the project, including:

  1. Travel expenses: The funding can cover travel expenses to and from the project location for the volunteers, as well as any necessary travel during the project.
  2. Accommodation and subsistence: The funding can cover the costs of accommodation and subsistence for the volunteers during the project period.
  3. Insurance: The funding can cover the costs of insurance for the volunteers, including health insurance and liability insurance.
  4. Project materials and equipment: The funding can cover the costs of any materials or equipment needed for the project, such as workshop materials or tools for community service projects.
  5. Training and support: The funding can cover the costs of any necessary training or support for the volunteers, including language classes or project management training.

Volunteer activities provide an exciting opportunity to work with young people in a fun and dynamic environment. As a volunteer, you will be responsible for organizing and leading games and tournaments for local youth, as well as developing training programs to help athletes improve their skills. In addition, you will work closely with other volunteers and community organizations to promote participation in the activities and to provide guidance and mentorship to young athletes. Through your work, you will help to promote physical activity, social interaction, and healthy lifestyle choices among local youth, while also fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

As a volunteer for a Beach Handball and a Beach Volleyball championship, you will play a critical role in ensuring the success of the event. Your tasks may include:

  1. Event setup: Help with the setup of the event, including setting up tents, tables, chairs, and other equipment.
  2. Registration: Assist with the registration process for athletes, coaches, and other participants.
  3. Hospitality: Assist with providing hospitality to athletes, coaches, and other participants, including distributing food and beverages.
  4. Crowd management: Help to manage the crowds during the competition, including directing people to the appropriate areas and ensuring safety.
  5. Scorekeeping: Assist with keeping score and managing the tournament brackets.
  6. Refereeing: Serve as a referee for the competition, ensuring that rules are followed and disputes are resolved.
  7. Medical assistance: Provide medical assistance as needed, including first aid and emergency care.
  8. Event breakdown: Assist with the breakdown of the event, including taking down equipment and cleaning up the venue.

If you are interested you can apply and find more information here:

[24.04.2023] 4 Freiwillige für ein-jährige EVS Projekte in der Schweiz gesucht

The ICYE Switzerland is looking for 11 European Volunteers in the framework of the EVS programme every year. 8 positions are already filled and they are now searching for volunteers for the following projects:

Ton sur Ton (French speaking part) 1 volunteer (specifically for the communication team/adjusted PDF attached), start:15.09.2023

Synergy Village (German speaking part) 1 volunteer – immediately possible / ongoing

Sensorium (German speaking part) 1 volunteer/Basic German required (added additional position), start: 01.09.2023

KiM Jugendland (German speaking part) Basic German a plus- 1 volunteer, start:01.07.2023

If you are interested you can apply until 31.05.2023

You can apply and find more information here:

[19.04.2023] Partner für den International Non-Formal Education Congress in Lublin gesucht

The Orgnaisation Sempre a Frente Foundation from Poland is looking for Partners, who work with in the field of non-formal education and implementing such methodology daily work. They are looking for organizations who want to partner with them in a training course and international Non-Formal-Education Congress in Lublin to share best practises and methodologies with youth workes and non formal practitioners from Europe.

The training course CreActivities is aimed at youth workers and experienced NGO volunteers who use non-formal education methods in their daily work.

During their stay in Poland, participants will learn about creative methods of youth work that will better engage young people in organizations and local communities. The training will broaden knowledge of available tools and work opportunities, and will be a time for exchange of experiences between organizations, especially in terms of non formal methods. During the training we will also pay attention to the mental health of young people and how to adapt the methods used to groups that face different difficulties. Participants will be able to also attend the first International Non-Formal Education Congress in Lublin which will be held at Marie Curie Skłodowska University. Participants will hear from experts in the field, and will themselves be able to share their knowledge and the experience they have gained in their work. What's more important you can also share your best practices at the Congress!


- to expand knowledge and competencies related to creative methods of non formal education in supporting wellbeing of young people and development of their psycho-social and civic competences

- learning new, creative, innovative techniques of non formal education

- gaining knowledge and exchanging experiences with experts during a conference on non formal education

- networking and presenting best practises and projects of the organization

- understanding the links between formal and non formal education

- increasing competencies that will contribute to better quality of work and activities in youth work

-improving language and digital competencies

-learning new group work techniques and online methods for youth work


Dates: 07.06.23 -15.06.2023

You can find more information here:,26136.htm

[26.04.2023] 8-Monate ESC in Santa Maria de los Angeles (Spanien) im Bereich Jugendarbeit

The volunteer project covers four main work areas: social and cultural activities, linguistic exchange, cultural exchange, and raising awareness about environmental issues. All this is based on the joint commitment to the environment and community. The framework educates the youth as participatory and creative individuals, in the broader construction of a non-violent, just, equal, and respecting human rights society. In addition, the objectives are to promote and integrate the value of interculturalism, appreciation, and respect for diversity, raise environmental values and adopt attitudes that promote sustainable development.

This project is carried out by CES Santa Maria de Los Angeles, the center for secondary education in the city of Malaga. This city is situated in Southern Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is a cosmopolitan coastal city with a warm climate and has important cultural diversity. Our Association is founded for the youth who come from different social classes, cultures, and geographical locations. Our area of influence extends to the Carranque region, an area with a middle-low socioeconomic level, and where our Association has an important influence, both by its openness and by the activities it promotes.

The hosting organization wants to take the European reality into its classrooms and they think the best way to do that is to have volunteers from different countries. The volunteers will become a point of reference for the students who will realize that living and working abroad as a volunteer is a great opportunity. Moreover, the volunteers will show European diversity and how rich it is.

The volunteers will have some specific tasks such as:

  • to do presentations about the country and the culture
  • to give non-formal English and/or German and/or French lessons to students and organize English conversation groups with teachers
  • to collaborate with DACE (Departamento de Actividades Culturales y Extraescolares) on cultural activities in the school
  • to update social networks such as school blogs, websites, Facebook, etc.
  • to organize some workshops for students to develop international partnerships: Erasmus, Leonardo, Youth in action, etc.

If you are interested you can apply until 18.05.2023.

You can find more information an contact details here:

[26.04.2023] 11-Monate ESC in Malaga (Spanien) im Bereich Jugendarbeit

The project is by the foundation Alonso Quijano. It is a non-profit private and independent institution, the aim of which is to contribute with the integral development of the human being through the promotion of the cultural and educational initiatives, especially the ones which are orientated to the promotion of reading.

Volunteers will participate in the following activities:

  • Volunteering in the Mother and Child Hospital of Malaga, in the project «Get better with books», Mondays and Thursdays, from 16:15 to 18:00. It consists of going to the rooms of the children and lend them books. Volunteers will be accompanied and guided by the responsible for volunteering.
  • Support and collaboration in the Program «Spanish for immigrants». This takes place throughout the week. The volunteer will inform the students of the program, organize the material, and plan the class planning putting in relation students and teachers.
  • Organization of digital and printed material (books, magazines, encyclopedias and varied documents that need classification.
  • In the project «Books for the World», the Foundation receives constantly donations of books. The volunteer will select according to their usage, organize and classify them, as well as help with the packing and transport.
  • Support with the regular update of the Foundation’s web site: management of e-mail, revision of texts and images of the website, the introduction of new contents and update of details.
  • Collaboration with the project «Mini libraries Alonso Quijano»: selection and classification of donated books; elaboration of packs for the different libraries; setting up of mini-libraries; coordination, with the responsible people from the organization, to carry out monitoring of the use of the different mini-libraries.
  • The volunteer will help with the everyday paperwork tasks in the Foundation, such as answering the phone, informing members and subscribers and helping with the billing system, sending the mail…

If you are interessted you can apply until 28.05.2023.

You can find more information and contact details here:


[12.04.2023] Junge Teilnehmer*innen für das Projekt "Nantes Creative Generations" gesucht

Since 2009, Nantes Métropole organises the Nantes Creative Generations. This event brings young European project leaders to meet young project leaders from Nantes.

We are therefore looking for young people from your cities who are carrying out projects that promote "living together".

Some conditions of participation:

- be between 18 and 30 years old
- Have a project that promotes living together (maximum 2 delegates per project)
- Be available to present it in Nantes from 24 to 27 October 2023

We will take care of accommodation, activities and food on site for the whole event. For transport, participants will be offered an interrail pass to travel by train or a reimbursement of up to 400€/person for those unable to travel by train.

You can submit your project and apply until 26.05.2023 .

You can find more Information here:

And you can also contact:

[03.04.2023] 12-Monate ESC in Pamplona (Spanien) im Bereich Fairtrade

The Project is by SETEM Navarra-Nafarroa, which is a development and a volunteer-based NGO.

SETEM's goal is to raise awareness in our society about North-South inequalities, report their causes and promote social, individual and collective changes, to achieve a fairer and more solidary world.

We offer you to take part in: • Day to day activities of awareness about Fairtrade and Responsible Consumption • Management of our Fairtrade shop and stalls in fairs • Participate in our campaigns such as Clean Clothes Campaign ( • The promotion of the Alternative and Solidarity Economy • Managing the organization’s social media accounts • Once the volunteer gets to discover the workfield of the organization he or she could make his or her project/s according to their knowledge, profile, skills... and related to SETEM's work.

The project is located in Pamplona, capital of Navarra,Spain. Our office and Fair Trade shop is placed in the city centre. First the volunteer will be hosted in a hostel and next will be supported to find a shared flat. The grant provided to the volunteer would cover his or her needs for accommodation, transport, food expenses as well as the pocket money. Pamplona has a great public transportation system, but since it is a human-sized city, the best way to move around is by bike/foot.

You can find more information here:

If you are interessted you can apply until 29.05.2023.

You can contact

[03.04.2023] Partner für ein Erasmus+ Projekt, im Bereich Jugendmobilität, Gesundheit & ökologischer Fußabdruck, einer Schule in Estland gesucht
The project is by the following school:
Students from Sihva to explore the world, reducing the ecological footprint and increasing physical activity.
In the course of the project, we wish to explore the benefits of education systems in different European countries as well as exchange experience and knowledge with partner schools in other countries. Our aim is to record the good practices during the project and introduce the best of them in our school life. We can implement these ideas with the help of our student council. Our school already focusses on nature and protecting the environment and we are actively engaged in reducing the ecological footprint. We are interested in learning about the practices, events and other activities that have been put in place in partner schools to reduce the ecological footprint. We also want to increase the physical activity of children and young people and thereby reduce digital addiction. What can we do to get students away from their electronic devices? We strongly believe that in the course of the project we will find answers to these problems and can cooperate in bringing out and finding solutions to similar problems of our partner schools.  
For more information please contact:
Paul Aares Fjodorov / Lembi Oja
[23.03.2023] 12-Monate ESC in Almeria (Spanien) im Bereich Inklusion

Die FAAM in Almeria hat 3 dringend zu besetzende ESC Plätze im Bereich Inklusion.

Für mehr Informationen kontaktieren Sie .

[23.03.2023] Spanischer Küstenort sucht CERV-Partnergemeinde

Europe Direct Castello sucht für die den Küstenort einen CERV-Partner:

Chilches/Xilxes is an extraordinary village, halfway between Castellón de la Plana and Valencia with 2846 inhabitants. It stands out for its fusion between sea territory and beaches, nature, exquisite tastes such as melons and oranges of our own lands and historical corners. Our beaches have the iconic Blue Flag. This said, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria are considered in our municipality. We would be delighted to share our culture, gastronomy and touristic environment with an international city or village interested in promoting the commitment and democratic participation of citizens, through projects and ideas that foster common European ideas and relationships between us through networking and twinning.


[10.03.2023] Spanisches Lehrerkollegium sucht Erasmus-Partner

Eine spanische Schule aus Extremadura sucht Partner für E-twinning im Rahmen von Erasmus+.

Download Info

[20.02.2023] Spanisches Musik-Konservatorium sucht Erasmus-Partner

Das Konservatorium für Musik in Cartagena ist eine öffentliche Schule, die musikalische Bildung auf elementarer und professioneller Ebene in verschiedenen Musikinstrumenten anbietet, um den Schülern zu ermöglichen, höhere Studien zu verfolgen und als professionelle Musiker Zugang zum Arbeitsmarkt zu haben. Die Schule nimmt seit 2017 an Erasmus-Projekten teil und hat verschiedene Lehrer und Schüler aus anderen Ländern empfangen. Die Schule ist sowohl im Bereich Schulbildung als auch beruflicher Ausbildung tätig und hat sich um Erasmus-Akkreditierung in beiden Bereichen beworben. Dafür sucht die Schule Partner in den Bereichen Chor, Kammermusik, Big Band, Jazz, Orchester, einzelne Instrumente.


Download mehr Infos

[16.02.2023] Partner für Erasmus+-Projekt zu Gesundheit von Schulleitungen gesucht

Ein neues Projekt in der spanischen Region Murcia sucht nach Partnern. Thema ist u.a die psychologische Gesundheit von Lehrern in Leitungsfunktionen.

Download Info


[10.02.2023] Isländisches LGBTQ+Jugendprojekt sucht Job-Shadowing im Bereich Jugendleitung

Die Sozialarbeiter eines Jugendprojekts mit LGBTQ-Fokus sucht einen Projektpartner um ein gegenseitiges Jobshadowing durchzuführen im Rahmen von Erasmus+.




[09.02.2023] 10-monate ESC in Katalonien im Bereich Inklusion

Die Associacio Alba bietet einen 10-monatigen ESC-Platz in Tarrega im Bereich Arbeit mit Menschen mit Behinderungen. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 23 Februar. Los geht es Ende Februar.

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[06.02.2023] 9-monate ESC in Malaga

Der Verein Intercambia bietet einen neunmonatigen ESC-Platz im südspanischen Malaga im Bereich Jugendarbeit an. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 6. März, Programmstart im April.

Mehr Infos

[02.02.2023] Erasmus+ Projekt im Bereich Erste Hilfe sucht Partner

Im Bereich Medizin/Erste Hilfe sucht ein polnisches Projekt interessierte Partner für gemeinsame Lehrgänge für jüngere und ältere Gruppen.

Mehr Infos:

Maciej Tomkowiak

Fundacja Rysy

+48 784 612 032 |

[09.01.2023] Ein Jahr Freiwilligendienst in Estland

In einem neuen ESC-Projekt in Estland werden insgesamt 13 Freiwillige aus ganz Europa gesucht, die in je einem Jugendzentrum für ein Jahr unterstützen.

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[05.01.2023] Türkische Englisch-Lehramt Studierende suchen Erasmus-Praktikumsplatz

Mehrere Studierende der Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University suchen einen Erasmus+ Praktikumsplatz im Bereich Englisch-Lehramt.


Şerife DURNA
Eurodesk Temas Noktası İrtibat Kişisi
Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversitesi
Avşar Kampüsü 46050 Onikişubat/Kahramanmaraş

[05.01.2023] Acht Wochen Freiwilligendienst im Bereich nachhaltige Entwicklung in der Türkei

Im türkischen Adana bietet die Organisation Sosyal laufend achtwöchige ESC-Freiwilligendienste an, in denen ihr mit jungen Menschen aus ganz Europa an vielen Themen zu nachhaltiger Entwicklung und sozialer Gerechtigkeit arbeitet, beispielsweise im Bereich Gender Equality.

Mehr Infos

[04.01.2023] 10 Monate Freiwilligendienst in spanischen Jugendzentrum

In Murcia bietet die Organisation Cazalla Intercultural einen ESC-Freiwilligendienst von Februar bis Dezember 2023. Dabei unterstützt ihr das Jugendzentrum in vielfältigen Aufgaben.

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[02.01.2023] ESC-Freiwilligendienst auf den Kanarischen Inseln

Die Organisation Mojo de Cana bietet vier ESC-Plätze auf La Palma, einer der kanarischen Inseln. Das Projekt dauert 11 Monate und Grundkenntnisse in Spanisch sind wünschenswert.

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[02.01.2023] Ein Jahr ESC in Portugal

Im südportugiesischem Olhao bietet die Organisation Moju einen 12-monatigen ESC-Freiwilligendienst im Bereich Soziales und Bildung an.

Mehr Infos

[26.12.2022] ESC im spanischen Malaga

Die Organisation Intercambia bietet einen ESC-Platz in der südspanischen Stadt Malaga an. Bewerbungsfrist für den Start im Februar ist der 10. Januar.

Mehr Infos

[23.12.2022] ESC in französischem Jugendbüro

Im französischen Vienne bietet die Stadt einen elfmonatigen ESC im örtlichen Jugendbüro an. Start ist im Februar 2023.

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[23.12.2022] ESC in Mailand

Der Verein AVIS bietet zwei Plätze für den Freiwilligendienst Europäisches Solidaritätskorps für jeweils acht Monate im norditalienischen Mailand. Start ist Ende Januar bzw. im März. Zu den Tätigkeiten gehören unter anderem die Organisation von Events und Social Media.

Mehr Infos

[21.12.2022] ESC in Jugendzentrum an slowenischer Küste

Das Jugendzentrum Piran bietet von März bis August einen ESC-Platz in der Jugendarbeit. Unterbringung und Verpflegung werden übernommen, dazu gibt es Taschengeld.

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[01.12.2022] ESC in Jugendzentrum in Estland

Das Jugendzentrum in der estnischen Stadt Kohila bietet einen ESC-Platz für 12 Monate Freiwilligenarbeit mit Jugendlichen. die Freiwilligen erhalten, Unterkunft, Verpflegung, Taschengeld sowie u.a. einen Sprachkurs.

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[30.11.2022] Italiener sucht Praktikum/Volunteering im Bereich Video und Grafik

Ein 23-jähriger Italiener, spezialisiert in Video- und Grafikdesig, sucht einen Praktikumsplatz oder Freiwilligenarbeit, um Auslandserfahrung zu sammeln.

Kontakt: Marta Anzilotti, Antenna Eurodesk, Commune die Prato

[30.11.2022] Partner für schwedisches Jugendprojekt zu psychischer Gesundheit gesucht

Europe Direct Hässleholm in Südschweden sucht eine Partnerorganisation für einen Erasmus+-fachlichen Austausch zum Thema Mentale Gesundheit von jungen Menschen.

Kontakt: Sofia Stridsberg, Europe Direct Hässleholm

[30.11.2022] Weihnachts-Volunteering für Bedürftige auf Sizilien

Das Projekt "Healthy Social Volunteering" bietet ESC-Volunteering Plätze über Weihnachten und Neujahr in Palermo auf Sizilien. Die Freiwillingen unterstüzten drei Einrichtungen für Obdachlose über Weihnachten und Neujahr, zum Beispiel bei der Essensausgabe oder gemeinschaftlichen Aktivitäten. Für Unterkunft und Verpflegung wird gesorgt. Bewerbungsfrist ist der 04. Dezember.


[17.11.2022] Partner für Hip-Hop-Jugendbegegnung im Rahmen von Fete de la musique gesucht

Die französische Organisation InfoJeunes Annecy sucht eine Partnerorganisation für eine Jugendbegegnung im Vorfeld der Fete de la musique im Juni 2023. Die Jugendgruppen entwickeln gemeinsam eine Hip-hop-Performance und präsentieren sie auf dem Festival.


[14.09.2022] Zwei freie Plätze für ESC-Projekte in Malaga

Von September 2022 bis Juni 2023 bieten Eurodesk-Partner in Malaga zwei ESC-Plätze im Bereich Jugend- und Kulturarbeit.

Mehr Infos

[13.09.2022] Isländisches Jugendprojekt sucht Mobility Partner

Der isländische Peer-to-Peer Council arbeitet mit Jugendlichen zwischen 16 und 19 Jahren und sucht andere Youth Councils, Peer-to-peer educators und jugendgeleitete Organisationen für ein Mobilitätsprojekt für Jugendarbeiter.

Mehr Infos

[12.09.2022] Erasmus+ Praktikum in Athen

Der Youthmakershub in Athen bietet freie Erasmus+ Praktikumsplätze in Athen an.

Mehr Infos

[06.09.2022] Internationales Training für Jugendarbeit in Malaga

Die spanische Organisation Intercambia bietet im Mai 2023 einen Trainingskurs für Beschäftigte in der internationalen Jugendarbeit an. Bewerbungen für die Teilnahme sind bis zum 23. September möglich.

Mehr Infos

[28.08.2022] 8 Monate ESC in Frankreich im Bereich interkulturelle Arbeit

Die Städtepartnerschaftsorganisation Association des Communes Jumelées de Nouvelle-Aquitaine in French - ACJNA bietet in Frankreich einen 8-monatigen ESC-Freiwilligendienstplatz. Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind Interkultureller Austausch und Jugendbeteiligung.

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[21.08.2022] Zwei Monate ESC in der Türkei

Im Bereich Sport und Jugendarbeit bietet Eurodesk Irtibat Kisisi ab September einen zweimonatigen ESC-Freiwilligendienst.

Mehr Infos

[20.08.2022] 11-monatiger ESC in Ungarn in der Jugendarbeit

Die ungarische Jugendorganisation FIRE bietet ab September einen 11-monatigen ESC-Freiwilligendienstplatz in Pecsvarad in der Jugendarbeit.

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[19.08.2022] Vier Wochen ESC in Polen im Bereich Anti-Diskriminierung

Die Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej im polnischen Leszno bietet vierwöchige ESC-Freiwilligendienst-Plätze im Bereich Föderung des Ehrenamts und Anti-Diskriminierung ab September. Bewerbungsschluss 28. August.

Mehr Infos

[18.08.2022] Erasmus+ Teacher Academies: Uni Istanbul sucht Projektpartner

Für ein Erasmus+ Teacher Academies Programm mit Istanbul University- Cerrahpasa, Hasan Ali Yücel Faculty of Education, Gazi University Faculty of Education and Istanbul Cerrahpasa University werden Projektpartner gesucht.



[18.08.2022] Erasmus+ Teacher Academies: Uni Istanbul sucht Projektpartner

Für ein Erasmus+ Teacher Academies Programm mit Istanbul University- Cerrahpasa, Hasan Ali Yücel Faculty of Education, Gazi University Faculty of Education and Istanbul Cerrahpasa University werden Projektpartner gesucht.



[15.08.2022] ESC im Europe Direct Zentrum Pyrenäen

Das Europe Direct-Zentrum Pyrenäen in Südfrankreich sucht einen Freiwilligen für ein Jahr ab Oktoober. Aufgaben sind u.a. die Vermittlung Europäischer Werte und Weltoffentheit.

Mehr Infos


[08.08.2022] ESC in Rumänien in der Behindertenhilfe

Die rumänische Organisation Team for Youth Association sucht bis zu zwei ESC-Freiwillige für eine Inklusionsprojekt in Baia Mare. Start ist flexibel ab August, mindestens 18 Wochen mit der Option auf Verlängerung.

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[05.08.2022] 4 ESC-Plätze in Frankreich

Die Organisation Chargée de mission Europe International bietet im französischen Orleans vier ESC-Plätze von Oktober 2022 bis Juli 2023 an. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 28. August.

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[02.08.2022] Türkischer Eurodeskpartner sucht Partnerorganisationen

Für zwei Projekte sucht Eurodesk Irtibat Kisisi Partnerorganisationen in den Bereichen Nachhaltigkeit, Soziales Unternehmertum und Mentale Gesundheit.



[25.07.2022] Erasmus+: Digitales Storytelling für Erwachsene in Spanien

EduStorytelling ist ein Projekt für Erwachsene im spanischen Malaga, in dem die Teilnehmer digitale Storytelling-Kompetenzen erwerben.

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[22.07.2022] Deutsche ESC-Entsendeorganisation gesucht

Für einen Freiwilligen aus Frankfurt sucht das Macerata Europe Office in Italien eine deutsche Entsendeorganisation.

"Francesca Arcs" <>;
"Adriana Persia" <>.

[19.07.2022] Türkin sucht ESC-Platz für ein Jahr

Kübra ist 26 Jahre alt und engagiert sich bereits als Volunteer in ihrer türkischen Heimat. Aktuell sucht sie einen einjährigen ESC-Platz, um Auslandserfahrung zu sammeln.

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[18.07.2022] ESC in Bulgarien

Die bulgarische Organisation Active Bulgarian Society bietet ESC-Plätze von 2 bis 6 MOntaen in Blagoevgrad.

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[13.07.2022] Multiplikatoren-Fortbildung zum internationalen Schulaustausch

Die Initiative "Austausch mach Schule" bietet vom 26.-27. August eine kostenlose Multiplikatoren-Fortbildung zum internationalen Schulaustausch in Hannover an.

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[11.07.2022] 2 ESC-Plätze in Bereich Kultur/Literatur in Spanien

Die spanische Organisation Alonso Quijano bietet in Malaga zwei ESC-Plätze von Oktober 2022 bis September 2023 im Bereich Kultur/Literatur an. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 31. Juli.

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[27.06.2022] Türkei: ESC in Jugendschachclub

Die türkische Organisation Cedid bietet einen ESC-Platz in einem Jugendschachclub für Interessierte mit Basiskenntnissen in Schach.

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[24.06.2022] Online-Konferenz für Mitarbeiter in dern internationalen Jugendarbeit

Eurodesk Bielsko-Biala in Polen lädt am 30. Juni von 14 bis 15.30 zu einer internationalen Online-Konferenz ein, um u.a. Best Practise Beispiele zu teilen.

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[23.06.2022] ESC-Plätze in Umweltprojekten auf Sizilien

Die italienische Organisation InformaGiovani bietet 18-30jährigen ESC-Plätze im Sommer 2022 auf Sizilien an. Die rund zweiwöchigen Einsätze finden zwischen Juni und August statt.

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[20.06.2022] ESC-Platz in Frankreich: Web-Reporter und Social Media

Die französische Organisation crijnormandie sucht mit Start im September 2022 einen Web-Reporter und Social Media Manager als ESC.

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[20.06.2022] ESC-Platz in der Normandie: Botschafter für Europa

Die französische Organisation crijnormandie sucht mit Start im September 2022 einen neuen Europabotschafter als ESC-Projekt.

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[17.06.2022] ESC-Platz in Frankreich in der Kultur- und Jugendarbeit

Die französische Organisation Association des Communes Jumelées de Nouvelle-Aquitaine bietet von September/Oktober 2022 einen 8-monatigen ESC mit Schwerpunkt in der Jugend- und Kulturarbeit an.

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[16.06.2022] ESC-Plätze in Ungarn in der Jugendarbeit

Die ungarische Organisation firepecsvarad bietet drei ESC-Plätze für einen 11-monatigen Aufenthalt und Arbeit in Kinder- und Jugendeinrichtungen.

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[16.06.2022] Uni Leiden sucht Freiwillige für Europäisches Science Event

Im September findet im Rahmen des Europäischen Jahres der Jugend 2022 das Science Event EUCYS an der Uni Leiden statt. Dafür sucht die Uni Volunteers aus Europa. Sie erhalten Fahrtkosten, Unterkunft, Verpflegung und Taschengeld.

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[14.06.2022] 2 ESC-Plätze in Jugendclub im spanischen Bilbao

In der spanischen Stadt Bilbao sind noch Long-Term ESC-Plätze für einen Freiwilligendienst in einem Jugendclub frei.

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[13.06.2022] ESC-Plätze in spanischer Jugendeinrichtung

Die spanische Organisation Espacio Joven - Concejalía de Juventud bietet ab 01.10 ESC-Plätze in einer Jugendeinrichtung für einen zehnmonatigen Freiwilligendienst.

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[13.06.2022] Partner search

Dear Colllegues,

The IES Alonso Quijano (Quintanar de la Orden in Toledo, Castilla La Mancha, Spain) is looking for schools for KA121-VET programme with VET in Automotive, Administration and Electronics.

We please ask you to spread this partner search among your contacts to help this high school in finding the best partner for their further Erasmus+ projects.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation

Best regards,
EUROPE DIRECT Castilla-La Mancha Team


Download PDF

[01.06.2022] KA2 Project Partner/Universities

Dear All,

We are looking for KA2 VET project partner universities in the field of computer engineering ( robotics,coding,software) for a project aiming to create a software programme to detect child abuse from children's drawings.

Kind regards


Şerife DURNA
Eurodesk Temas Noktası İrtibat Kişisi
Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversitesi
Avşar Kampüsü 46050 Onikişubat/Kahramanmaraş

[31.05.2022] 1 volunteering vacancy in Normandy region, France

Dear Eurodesk partners,

My colleague is actively searching for 1 EU volunteer in the frame of the french volunteering programme, “Service Civique” (not ESC !). The project starts on next September in the city of Falaise, Normandy region (France).

If you know youth organisations from EU countries or potential candidates – aged between 18 and 25 years old – could you please forward the call below? Thank you!


Do you enjoy working with children?

The town of Falaise, located in Normandy region (France), is looking for a European volunteer to promote the English language in the local schools, for the project :



Starting between August 30th and September 15th , 2022

For a duration of 10 months


Application and information

Contact us :

Read the infopack joined to this e-mail

Be carefull : this project is for all Europeans, but it is in the frame of the French volunteering program !



Best regards,


Ophélie Bouin

Youth international mobility project manager

02 31 27 80 80 / 07 50 72 52 36

Site de Caen - 16 rue Neuve Saint-Jean
Site de Rouen - 84 rue Beauvoisine

[31.05.2022] ESC long term in Bilbao (BASQUE COUNTRY- SPAIN)


We are looking for 2 EU volunteers:

2 vacancies at kids and youth clubs:

The main action to be implemented with the project is the "Intervention with Children and Youth through non-formal education in socio-educational programmes”, especially in kids clubs, youth clubs and educational leisure time groups.
The European volunteers will help to develop activities with kids and teenegers through non formal education methodologies. (more info in opportunity call attached)

Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain)

Deadline: 24/06/2022

Duration: 10 months, starting in september 2022

🛩 ESC program already approved (accomodation, flights, food, local transport, and pocket money covered)

Send your CV and motivation letter through the ESC Portal (links provided above) or directly to

> Download Attachment

Alex López

Phone: +34 94 656 92 18 // +34 688 67 94 57
C/ Ronda s-n, 3º Planta Despacho B
48005 - Bilbao - Bizkaia


We inform you that we are looking for 3 motivated ECS volunteers for Asociación Marroqui (Para La Integración De Los Inmigrantes).

  • Location: Málaga (Spain)
  • Start: 01/09/2022
  • End: 01/09/2023
  • Duration: 12 MONTHS
  • Number of Vacancies: 3
  • Deadline to apply:  30.06.22
  • This call is open to EU +NEIGHBOUR COUNTRIES

We will only consider application forms of responsible, motivated, and passionate candidates!

Take into consideration that it is an approved project




Multiplicador Cualificado de la Red Eurodesk
Avda Arroyo de los Angeles 50

Málaga - Spain
+34 672028985 - +34 952002774

[30.05.2022] LOOKING FOR ESC support organisation / volunteer

Hello hello,

The organisation I am working in is looking for volunteers to join our ongoing project.


Join our (newest) opportunity to volunteer: ESCpert (2.0).

We are looking for 2 motivated young people to take part on a project aimed at mobilizing groups of young people in creating actions and activities aimed at improving their local community/environment. Promotion of opportunities and working on offering young people a chance to get actively involved in their environment.

Proposed activity period (long term): 01/06/2022 to 31/01/2023

More details, call, and how to apply:

If you have young people that would like to join and can act as a support organisation within this ESC please don't hesitate to contact me :)

best wishes,


POP REMUS | Eurodesk Multiplier
tel/fax: (+40) 362 412 361 | mobile:  (+40) 740 829 607
facebook: Pop.r.flavius
55A Vasile Lucaciu, Baia Mare, Romania

[28.05.2022] Urgent call for ESC volunteer in Macerata from June to November

Dear Eurodesk colleagues,

The Europe Office of Macerata is currently looking for 1 ESC volunteer for a 5/6 month mobility project here in Macerata, from June to November. The activity will take place for 3 days in the municipal library and for 2 days in the municipal nurseries. Like all ESC mobilities the call is for European citizens between 18 and 30 years old.
Here is the link to the call:

Attached is the call with further details.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Download Document here


ALE Eurodesk Macerata - ATS 15
Piazza Vittorio Veneto,2
c/o Biblioteca Comunale Mozzi Borgetti
62100 Macerata
tel/fax 0039 0733 262218



  • Venue: Málaga (Spain)
  • Start: SEPTEMBER 2022
  • End: SEPTEMBER 2023
  • Duration: 12 MONTHS
  • Number of Vacancies: 3
  • Deadline to apply: 15TH JUNE  2022
  • Skype interview: 20-24TH JUNE

We will just take into consideration responsible, motivated, and passionate application forms!





Multiplicador Cualificado de la Red Eurodesk
Avda Arroyo de los Angeles 50

Málaga - Spain
+34 672028985 - +34 952002774

[27.05.2022] LOOKING FOR ESC support organisation / volunteer

Hello hello,

The organisation I am working in is looking for volunteers to join our ongoing project.

Cultural Fiesta: working with museums in RO
🧳We are looking for volunteers with the European Solidarity Corps program!
🎭The aim of this project is to facilitate the interaction between cultural institutions and local young people. To increase the access to culture and cultural opportunities for youth.
🎯 June 2022 – November 2022  – possibility of project extension possibility of project extension
🐧 More details and how to apply on:

If you have young people that would like to join and can act as a support organisation within this ESC please don't hesitate to contact me :)

best wishes,


POP REMUS | Eurodesk Multiplier
tel/fax: (+40) 362 412 361 | mobile:  (+40) 740 829 607
facebook: Pop.r.flavius
55A Vasile Lucaciu, Baia Mare, Romania

[26.05.2022] LOOKING FOR ESC support organisation / volunteer

Hello hello,

The organisation I am working in is looking for volunteers to join our ongoing project.

🎈 Project opportunity in Romania: We are waiting for you from June 2022 onwards!
💜 We are looking for volunteers with the European Solidarity Corps program!
Volunteers will be active in the community of Baia Mare with the aim of increasing the visibility of challenges faced by people with physical disabilities.
🦽>The volunteers will work with people with physical disabilities. Volunteers will raise awareness about the situation of people with disabilities. We want to create a local movement that applies to disabled people, implemented and sustained by the activities of the ESC volunteers. 🪐> With this project we hope to create equal opportunities for various categories of disabled people in Baia Mare.
🚩 We are waiting for YOU from JUNE!
📍More info & how to apply on:

If you have young people that would like to join and can act as a support organisation within this ESC please don't hesitate to contact me :)

best wishes,


POP REMUS | Eurodesk Multiplier
tel/fax: (+40) 362 412 361 | mobile:  (+40) 740 829 607
facebook: Pop.r.flavius
55A Vasile Lucaciu, Baia Mare, Romania

[23.05.2022] Türkische Organisation sucht ESC-Partner

Van Youth Training Academy is a youth organisation in Van city in Turkey. This year they have an ESC approved project and they have been searching for a hosting organisation. Their project is about climate change and environmental activism, digital skills. If one of these areas is one of the scope of your organisations, you can contact with We would like to start the project in August. We have 5 volunteers and for each of them 120 days volunteering. If you are happy with this we can discuss further. Either you can pick a date from this link or write your suitable time slot to me they will arrange a meeting.

[23.05.2022] ESC-Plätze auf Sizilien

InformaGiovani bietet zwei Plätze für ein 7-monatiges Solidaritätskorps in Palermo an. Der Einsatzbereich ist Mithife bei Summercamps und Social Media.

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[22.05.2022] Drei ESC-Plätze in der Türkei

Die Non-Formal Education and Youth Work Association YENGEC bietet drei ESC Plätze für Aufenthalte von zwei Monaten bis zu einem Jahr in Mugla an.

Mehr Infos zweimonatiges Programm

Mehr Infos einjähriges Programm

[19.05.2022] ESC in Portugal: Wildlife Center und Jugendzentrum

Die portugiesische Organisation Moju vergibt Plätze für ein Europäisches Solidaritätskorps in Olhao in einem Wildlife und einem Jugendzentrum.

Mehr Infos ESC Wildlife-Center

Mehr Infos ESC Jugendzentrum

[17.05.2022] Zwei Plätze für Europäisches Solidaritätskorps in Spanien

Die spanischen Organisation Europa Es Tu vergibt 2 Plätze für ein 9-monatiges Solidaritätskorps in Malaga mit Start im September.

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[16.05.2022] Zwei Plätze für 3-monatiges Freiwilligenprojekt in Italien

Die Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa bietet zwei Plätze in einem Freiwilligenprojekt für drei Monate im Sommer 2022

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[12.05.2022] Zwei Plätze für Europäisches Solidaritätskorps in Spanien

Das Projekt Europa Es Tu bietet im spanischen Malaga zwei Plätze für das Europäische Solidaritätskorps von September 2022 bis Juni 2023. Einsatzort ist eine Oberschule.

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[11.05.2022] Spanische weiterführende Schule sucht nach Erasmus+-Partnern

Die spanische Oberschule IES Aljanadic in Cordoba sucht nach Partnerschulen für gegenseitigen Lehr- und Schüleraustausch im Rahmen von Erasmus+.

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[10.05.2022] Interreg Europe Partnergesuche Rumänien, Polen und Kroatien Bereich Umwelt, Tourismus, Forschung, Digitalisierung
[10.05.2022] Zwei Plätze für Europäisches Solidaritätskorps in Polen

Die Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej bieten zwei ESC-Plätze im polnischen Leszno für EU-Bürger zwischen 18 und 30 Jahren im Bereich Jugend- und Sozialarbeit. Alle Kosten inklusive Taschengeld werden übernommen. Das ESC-Programm läuft vom 23. Mai 22 bis 31. März 23.

Mehr Informationen

[02.05.2022] Treffen für selbstorganisierte Jugendclubs in Spanien

Eurodesk Spanien sucht europäische selbstorganisierte Jugendgruppen für das Cabuenes International Yout Meeting im spanischen Gijon für einen gemeinsamen Erfahrungsaustausch.

Kontakt zu Nanus Gonzales Lastra von Eurodesk Spanien:


[04.05.2022] Partnerorganisation für spanisches Erasmus-Jugendprojekt gesucht

Die baskische Jugendorganisation Kiribil Sarea sucht einen Projektpartner für ein Austauschprojekt im Sommer. Das Projekt ist bereits Erasmus+ zertifiziert.

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[28.04.2022] 2 Plätze für Europisches Solidaritätskorps auf Zypern

Die zypriotische Organisation PlanBe vergibt einen zweimonatigen und viermonatigen Platz für einen Freiwilligendienst in Nicosia.

Mehr Informationen vier Monate ESC

Mehr Informationen zwei Monate ESC

[27.04.2022] 2 Plätze für Europisches Solidaritätskorps in der Regin Malaga

Die Organisation Intercambia bietet zwei ESC-Plätze in der spanischen Region Malaga an der Pablo Picasso-Schule. Beginn des 9-monatigen ESC-Projekts ist im September 2022. Die Bewerbungsfrist ist der 30. Mai.

Mehr Informationen

[11.04.2022] 6-monatige Freiwilligendienst im französischen Nancy

Der Service civique bietet zwei Plätze für einen 6-monatigen Europäischen Frewilligendienst im sozialen Bereich in Nancy.

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[08.04.2022] Europäischer Freiwilligendienst in der Schweiz

Drei Schweizer Projekte bieten jeweils einen Platz für einen 12-monatigen Europäischen Freiwilligendienst in sozialen und kulturellen Einrichtungen an.

Bewerbungsshluss ist der 30. April.

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[07.04.2022] Isländische Jugendliche suchen Partner für Filmprojekt

Eine Gruppe von fünf Jugendlichen aus Island sucht Jugendliche aus Europa, um  im Rahmen von Erasmus+ interkulturell gemeinsam an Filmprojekten zu arbeiten.


Eurodesk Island

[15.02.2022] Partner für Jugendarbeit-Training in Bilbao gesucht

Eurodesk Bilbao bietet im Frühling 2023 einen Trainingskurzs für Erasmus+-Arbeit mit Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen an. In der viertägigen Weiterbildung tauschen sich Mitarbeitende von Erasmus+-Projekten über sichere und fördernde Arbeit mit Kindern, Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen aus.


Alex Lopez

Eurodesk Bilbao

[04.02.2022] Training für Erasmus+ Partner zu Outdoor-Jugendaktivitäten in Spanien

Die spanische Asociacion Mojo de Cana bietet im Februrar ein fünftägiges Training für Erasmus+ Organisationen an, bei dem Outdoor-Aktivitäten und Bildungsmöglichkeiten für Jugendliche erlernt werden können. Das Training findet bereits zum zweiten Mal auf den kanarischen Inseln statt.


Mehr Informationen:

Eurodesk Espana



[03.02.2022] Spanisches Projekt bietet fünf Plätze für Freiwilligendienst im Bereich Arbeit mit Menschen mit Sehbehinderung

Die Organisation Ser Joven im spanischen Santander bietet von April bis November 2022 fünf ESC-Plätze im Projekt ONCE. Die Freiwilligen arbeiten mit Menschen mit Sehbehinderung und unterstützen sie im Alltag.

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Asociación Ser Joven

Multiplicador Cualificado Eurodesk



tel: +34 942 21 48 97

[03.02.2022] Spanisches Projekt bietet drei Plätze für Freiwilligendienst im Bereich Arbeit mit Menschen mit Behinderung

Die Organisation Ser Joven im spanischen Santander bietet von April bis November 2022 zwei ESC-Plätze im Projekt AMPROS. Die Freiwilligen arbeiten mit Menschen mit Behinderung und ihren Familien, zum Beispiel in Form von Sport- oder kulturellen Angeboten.

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Asociación Ser Joven

Multiplicador Cualificado Eurodesk



tel: +34 942 21 48 97

[01.02.2022] Spanierin sucht ESC-Projekt im Bereich Soziales/Gesundheit

Die Organisation Asociación Ser Joven sucht für eine Studentin mit guten Englischkenntnissen im Bereich Soziales/Gesundheit ein kurzzeitiges Freiwilligenprojekt.


Das Gesuch:

We would like to ask for your help to find a short term volunteer project for a local young girl (Carmen Diaz Higuera, reference number: 6407352163303093) extremely motivated and with a lot of experience in the volunteer field; furthermore her English is excellent.

It would be really helpful if you can send us some projects for her as she is having some difficulties finding a short term ESC project.

Weitere Projektinformationen


Sociación Ser Joven

Multiplicador Cualificado Eurodesk



tel: +34 942 21 48 97
C/ Mies del Valle, 5 - entlo. K

39010  Santander

[10.01.2022] Türkische Forschungsgruppe sucht Kooperationspojekt in AI, Game und Interaktive Technologie

Eine Forschungsgruppe der Technischen Universität Istanbul sucht ein Kooperationsprojekt in den Bereichen Design Computing, Computer Vision, AI, Game und Interaction Technologies.

Zum Portfolio: und


[07.01.2022] Drei Solidaritätskorps-Plätze in Frankreich zu vergeben

Das Jugendinformationszentrum von Marmande in Frankreich bietet drei ESC-Freiwiligendienstplätze von März bis November 2022 an. Davon umfasst ein Platz das Themengebiet Infocenter und Bücherei, der zweite Platz wird im Bereich Museum und Theater angeboten sowie ein dritter Platz im Bereich Sport und Kommunikation.

Download Info

Download Info zu den Einsatzbereichen



[05.01.2022] Jugendgruppe für Umwelt-Begegnungsaustausch mit Spanien gesucht

Für einen deutsch-spanischen Jugendaustausch mit dem Thema "Umwelt" im Sommer 2022 sucht Eurodesk Albacete eine deutsche Partnergruppe. Die spanische Jugendgruppe besteht aus elf Jugendlichen im Alter von 16-17 Jahren sowie einem Betreuer.

Das Gesuch:

Youth Exchange: 2 countries, 22 participants (11 + 11)

Spain: 10 youngs (16-17  y.o.) + 1 leader (18+, no age limit). 5 male and 5 female, approximately.

The other group: 10 youngs (16-17  y.o.) + 1 leader (18+, no age limit). 5 male and 5 female, approximately.

Profile of the young participant of the youth Exchange: high school students

Spanish city: Albacete, Castilla La Mancha. Spain

Language of the Project: English

Possible topics of the Exchange: Enviroment

Dates and approximate duration of the activities in Albacete:

3 options: last fortnight of June, first fortnight of July or between August 25 and September 10, approximately

Approximate dates and duration of activities in the other city:

3 options: last fortnight of June, first fortnight of July or between August 25 and September 10, approximately


Paco Pérez

Eurodesk Albacete









[03.01.2022] Austausch zu ökologischen Themen mit österreichischen Lehrkräften

Im Rahmen des österreichischen Erasmus+ Projekts "Das ökologische Talent" suchen Lehrkräfte aus Österreich Schulen und Institutionen für den gemeinsamen Austausch und gegeseitiges Lernen. Ein Lehraufenthalt für Graz für die Partner ist im Juni 2022 geplant.

Download Info

Das Gesuch der Bildungsdirektion Steiermark:

Dear potential partners,


Climate change is one of the most crucial problems of nowadays and education is a key instrument to meet this challenge.

We are convinced that there are already promising answers in the field of ecology, sustainability and innovation all over Europe.


The Board of Education of Styria pilots the Erasmus+ consortium project "The Ecological Talent- Education for Sustainability" (DökoT – Das ökologische Talent). Within that framework, we are asking for your help.  


What are we looking for?

We are looking for schools, institutions, and public entities in all Erasmus+ programme countries that carry out exciting and innovative activities.


What would be your role?

You would help us to set up a programme for study visits and welcome five to ten Austrian teachers and principals in the form of a job shadowing in spring/summer 2022 to share your initiatives and knowledge with us.


What can you expect from participating?

International exchanges and networking between stakeholders from the education sector. Therefore, we would also set up an interesting programme and welcome a delegation from your school/institution for a study visit in Graz, Austria (planned for June 2022).


How can you contact us?

Send us an email to


In line with the motto "When we share, we win", we are therefore asking suitable schools and institutions to register until the 16th of January 2022 via the following link:


If you are interested, you can find additional information on our project in the attached document or by clicking on this link:


We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Kind regards,

Maria Pichlbauer

Bildungsdirektion Steiermark

Büro der Bildungsdirektorin

[21.12.2021] Praktikumsplätze für Spanier im Bereich IT/Administration gesucht

Sechs Berufsschüler aus Cordoba suchen im Rahmen eines k103 Projekts Erasmus+ Praktikumsplätze in Deutschland.

Gesucht werden

2 Plätze Administration/Finance

Download Info


3 Plätze Computer Networks System Management

Download Info


1 Platz Multi-Platform-Applications

Download Info

Partnergesuch und Kontakt:

Dear friends;

I send this email from a Vocational Training School

All the best from Córdoba (Spain)

Hello, my name is  Fuensanta and I am a teacher  and Erasmus Coordinator in a vocational training school in Córdoba, Spain.

We have a k103 project for movilities of higher education students and teachers and we are looking for companies so that 6 or our students can do an internship in Europe from the middle of March to the middle of June 2021 (3 months). The profiles are the following

2 higher technician in administration and finance

3 higher technician in computer networks system management

1 higher technician in multi-platform application.

On the other hand, if it is possible, two teachers would accompany the students for a 7 days movilitie (including the 2 days of travelling). We need a program for this two teachers too (jobshadowing, visits to educational centers, another kind of activities related to education)

I enclose report about tasks students could develop in their work place.

If you can help us, please contact us


Telephone: +34 608555361 (Preferably whatsapp)

For more information about our school, you can visit our website

Best Regards



Un saludo


Ángela Cruz Luna


Técnico Responsable Eurodesk-Europe Direct Córdoba


[13.12.2021] Partner für polnisch-deutsche Jugendbegegnung für Menschen mit Behinderung gesucht

Die Eurodesk-Stelle aus dem polnischen Piekary Slaskie sucht einen deutschen Projektpartner für eine interkulturelle Jugendbegegnung für Menschen mit Behinderung. Ziel für die Teilnehmenden ist es, mit der Lego-Methode gemeinsam verschiedene Schlüsselkompetenzen zu erlernen.

Partnergesuch und Kontakt:

We are looking for a German partner, who would like to prepare a youth exchange project with us, which could take place in Germany.

A group of Polish youngsters from Piekary Śląskie would like to realise a project involving disabled people and people with fewer opportunities and youth leaders - volunteers based on developing key competences using Lego Education as a method of non-formal education. The initiator of the project is a disabled participant in the youth club at MDK 2 Piekary Śląskie and he is looking forward to working with a willing group.
Organizations willing to cooperate and want to receive more details, please contact us by e-mail: or as an answer.



Dobrosława Egner

mobile: +48695222197

[06.12.2021] Projektpartner für Italienisch Medienbildungsprojekt für Jugendliche gesucht

Eurodesk Arezzo sucht Projektpartner für Medientrainings für Jugendliche, die aktuell keinen Ausbildungsplatz oder Weiterbildungsmöglichkeit haben.



Angaben zur Partnerorganisation



[02.12.2021] Freie Volunteer-Plätze in Polen

In Kielce in Zentralpolen sind mehrere Volunteer-Plätze für 10-monatige Auslandsaufenthalte frei. Die Arbeitsorte sind unter anderem ein Kindergarten pder Kulturinstitutionen.

Download Info

We are looking for Volunteers to participate in  our ESC project!

Information for Volunteers below :

🔥Call for participants interested in ESC volunteering 🔥

🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️Apply if you wanna reboot your life, learn and join our cool community!
⏰DEADLINE: 6th of December

Everything is covered financially!!

🌍WHERE? Kielce (central Poland🇵🇱)
🕵️‍♀️AGE? 18-30yo
🗓HOW long? For 10 months (departure planned in December 2021/early January 2022)
✅WHAT to DO? work in kindergartens, primary schools, cultural institutions, youth center (social action activities and cooperation with local community)
📩fill out a short registration form
📩send us your CV and motivation letter on
💁🏼‍♀️do not hesitate to ask by email in case of any questions!)

👀Check our YouTube channel and learn more about ESC  & VET Mobilities  

We are waiting for you!🥰


[01.12.2021] Ein freier Volunteer-Platz in Spanien

Die Organisation Intercambia bietet einen kurzfristigen Freiwilligen-Platz für ein ESC-Projekt in der spanischen Stadt Malaga an. Die Bewerbung ist online mit Lebenslauf und Motivationsschreiben möglich.

[11.11.2021] Freier Volunteer-Platz in Frankreich

Hello everyone,


I hope my email finds you well!


Following the departure of our volunteer, we, the Youth Information Center in Cergy (35km from Paris), are offering a ESC-vacancy from ASAP to May 2022.


We will find in the attachment the infokit.


Thank you in advance for spreading this information among your networks and youngsters you are in touch with.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.


Download Info


Kind regards,



Youth Informer and Eurodesk Multiplier


Centre Information Jeunesse Val d'Oise

1, place des Arts

95000 Cergy



+33 1 34 41 67 67

[02.11.2021] Volunteering on farms in Switzerland

Dear Eurodesk Network,

the organisation Agriviva in Switzerland allows young people from 16 to 25 years old to volunteer on Swiss farms during 2 weeks to 2 months. The young people must be citizens of an EU/EFTA country.They must have a good knowledge of the language of the region they will be going to (either french, german or italian).

Young people do not need to have any previous knowledge or experience of agriculture. However, an Agriviva placement is not a holiday. The participants integrate themselves into the farm's daily routine, support and relieve the family in their work and thus gain an insight into the various fields of work on a farm. However, interest in agriculture and enjoyment of being in nature are essential elements for a successful placement.

The volunteer will receive some pocket money, lodging and food.

In attachment, you will find two documents with all relevant information

Would it be possible for you to spread the information to young people ?

For questions, please contact directly Ueli Bracher or tel. +41 52 264 00 31, responsible for the Agriviva programme.


All the best,

Gloria Arici

Download Info

Eurodesk Switzerland
tel: 0041 21 601 84 01
address: c/o GLAJ-Vaud - Avenue de Beaulieu 9 1004 Lausanne


[27.10.2021] Call for partners


I am writing to you to ask about participating with one of the Polish organisations in Erasmus+ non-profits organization as a partner.

Just take a look at what they are doing with ours volunteers, seniors and pupils:

Our website:
Facebook: @superfundacja
Superfoundation is an organization located in Rybnik, which works for people with disabilities and supports active people of all ages. It conducts rehabilitation in water for people with disabilities. It helps people aged 60+, raises funds for senior activities, runs the Senior + North Club in Rybnik. We animate the local environment, conduct therapeutic classes for children, teenagers and adults. By supporting the Superfundacja, you support our Superheroes. Our mission is to aim for the fullest personal development of each Superhero. We start from the diagnosis of needs, identifying strengths, setting goals, promoting each of your successes. Our goal is to jointly and creatively develop such tools that would comprehensively support every person who approaches our foundation. Behind us, initiatives connecting generations, activation of youth, the elderly and the disabled.

In 2020, we created an intergenerational mural connecting young people with the elderly. We recorded instructional videos for seniors and young people as part of activation during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021 an initiative connecting seniors and young people acting as volunteers for the visually impaired, deaf, visually impaired and hard of hearing - and many initiatives behind us.

We are looking forward to your answers!

Looking for partners to corporation - KA210-ADU ( Adult Education )


The main idea for our organization to take part with Erasmus + program is:
- Exchange work  experiences with older people and take on a higher level competences of our stuff
- supporting and developing co-organizing companions which works with seniors in Europe
- Presentation of the method, ideas and educational and artistic workshops as well as activation of the seniors movement
- acquiring new tools for working with seniors in our organization and use all the  knowledge from our project partners
- taking a benefits from our cooperation to develop our European community

The conducted phase we will include integration with project partners and do a workshops aimed and exchange experience.
The second stage will include the implementation of new tools for cooperation with seniors and also we will do online conferences to check the results.
The final stage ended with a meeting where we will presents our results.


Michał Toman

Eurodesk Rybnik- Polska

[20.10.2021] Urgent call youth exchange in Turkey

On November 22-29  there will be  a youth exchange about the environment in Van/ Turkey. The Project's partner in Poland at the last minute informed that they will not send any participants because of their lack of capacity. Now the youth organisation is searching for a youth ngo which can send 5+1 participants. The infopack is in the attached file.

You can contact with


Eurodesk İrtibat Kişisi

Van Valiliği

Şerefiye Mahallesi, 65100 , Merkez/VAN


Tel: 0 432 214 96 42

[12.10.2021] ESC in South of France

Dear Network,

There is one spot left in the project that we are coordinating "The Ambassadors of European Mobility Of Occitanie in rural area" :

You'll find attached the infopack.  We are looking for 1 volunteer from the European Union only. He or she will join an italian girl that has been already selected.

START : ASAP in october for 9 months (until the 1st of July)

Send a CV and a cover letter in English or in French to


Responsable Projets Mobilité Internationale/Animateur de la plateforme EOLE Occitanie

Infojeunes Occitanie
3, avenue Charles Flahault - 34000 Montpellier
Tél : 04 67 04 36 66


[05.10.2021] URGENT Call for Partners for TC: Social Media Support for NGOs

Dear Partners,

We are applying for the training course Social Media Support for NGOs - 5 day training in Poland (near Lublin) to be organized in spring/summer 2022.

The training will focus on sharing best practices in the area of communication in social media with youth and other target groups, building engagement, creating content, useful tools and thinking about your ngo as a brand.

Participants: 3 people per organization (youth workers, project coordinators, managing team, persons responsible for social media, experienced volunteers who create with you)

Let us know if you are interested to join ASAP and send us your PIF (partner information form with OID number and legal representative), so we could send you a mandate to sign (as we will need it by tomorrow 10AM latest)


Eurodesk Lublin



[04.10.2021] ESC Volunteering (longterm) in Kindegarten Debrecen/HU

Dear Partners!

A local NGO looking for ESC volunteers for a long term project in Debrecen, Hungary.

There are  6 places still available.

I am attaching the call in the long version.

If you could spread the call that will help a lot.

They are looking for volunteers from EU countries for a 12 months long European Solidarity Corps project in DEBRECEN,  ️Hungary.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to help in Kindergartens.

If you know candidates who are looking for ESC volunteering opportunities, please  send your CV and motivation letter to
PS: if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks a lot.




Imre Enyedi

Eurodesk Regional Coordinator - North Great Plain region


Debreceni Ifjúsági Szolgáltató Nonprofit Kft.

- Debrecen Youth Service -

Cím: 4025 Debrecen, Simonffy u. 21.

Információ: +36 52 415 498; Fax: +36 52 532 670



Skype: enyedi.imre;

[25.09.2021] KA152 Partner Search

Call for partners (programme countries only) For KA152 YOU

Project Name: Tolerance Meets the Art of Marbling

Venue: Siirt/Turkey

Date: May 2022

The purpose of this Project is to:

  • Increasing tolerance and understanding among young people
  • Adopting young people to a diversity of cultures
  • Reducing racism, hatred of religion and hate speech in Europe
  • EU citizenship in the youth and the establishment of EU awareness.

In order to achieve these goals, the art of marbling will be used as an effective tool.

If you are interested please send your PIF documents to

İyi günler dileriz.

Siirt Valiliği AB ve Dış İlişkiler Koordinasyon Bürosu İrtibat Kişisi
Siirt Governorship The EU and Foregin Realtions Coordination Center Eurodesk Contact Person

Yeni Valilik Binası 5. Kat Oda No:541
56100 Siirt

+904842232344 - 541 dahili

[24.09.2021] URGENT CALL ESC SOUTH OF FRANCE - European Union !

Dear Network,

There is one spot left in our project "Europe Ambassador" in Gaillac's Youth and Culture Center following a withdrawal.

You'll find attached the infopack, we are looking for volunteers from the European Union only.

START : 1st of october for 10 months (until the 31st of July)

Please send your CV and ML to


Download Info-Pack

[23.09.2021] EVS in Switzerland

Dear all,

as you might already know, Switzerland has still an EVS programm. One organisation is looking for an EVS volunteer for 5-6 months as the one supposed to come has shortly cancelled. There is no deadline as it is to start as soon as possible.

Interested candidates can fill in the formular in attachment and send it to You can also find more information on following link EVS placement in Switzerland & Europe with ICYE ∣ ICYE

If you have any question on the project, please contact Sara Moreno from coordinating organisation ICYE : Tel. +41 31 371 77 80 •

Thanks a lot for your support,

All the best,



Gloria Arici

Eurodesk Switzerland



tel: 0041 21 601 84 01
address: c/o GLAJ-Vaud  - Avenue de Beaulieu 9
1004 Lausanne

Download formular

[09.09.2021] Freiwilligendienst in Frankreich für Kurzentschlossene

Liebe Kollegen,

wir das Europa Direkt Zentrum in Le Mans, Frankreich und haben noch zwei freie Plätze im Rahmen des europäischen Freiwilligendienstes für Kurzentschlossene!

Ziel des Projekts ist es, Jugendliche in einer sehr ländlichen Gegend für Europa zu begeistern und ihnen spielerisch etwas interkulturelle Offenheit mitzugeben.

Alles ist erklärt in dem Infopack auf unserer Website :

Es ist ein bisschen last minute, weil es schon am 4. Oktober losgeht. Habt ihr vielleicht junge Leute zwischen 18 und 30, die Lust haben auf ein Jahr europäischen Freiwilligendienst in Frankreich?

Gerne gesehen sind Profil mit einem Interesse an Sport und/oder Natur/Landleben mit einer Basis Französischkenntnissen und, ganz wichtig, Führerschein.

Ich stehe Ihnen bei Fragen jederzeit zur Verfügung.

Herzliche Grüsse

Louisa Guy



Louisa Guy / Chargée d’animations et de projets

Maison de l'Europe Le Mans-Sarthe

Centre d'information Europe Direct

1 rue Hippolyte Lecornué - 72000 Le Mans

+33 (0)2 43 29 38 34

Donnez votre avis sur les services du Centre d’Information Europe Direct

[09.09.2021] international mobilities for youth

Dear colleague,


We are a Youth Information Center located in eastern France, involved in international mobilities for youth.

We would be very grateful if you could disseminate the following information to your partners and professional relationships.

We mostly act under vocational mobilities, and are committed to collaborating for volunteers such as ESC.


We are active as intermediary for schools and organizations that wish to offer their participants and students the opportunity to benefit from a traineeship experience abroad (KA1 for Erasmus+).

We take care of every aspect of mobility projects : internship activities and tutoring, accomodation, French language class, and cultural opportunities.

Please get more information about us with the enclosed document.

We would be pleased to speak about a potential collaboration on phone or by visio conference.

We are at your disposal should you have any questions.

Best regards,


Delphine Issartel

International youth mobility manager / Eurodesk Center


Info Jeunes Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - France

+33 (0)3 81 21 16 13 -

  27 rue de la République, FR 25000 - Besançon


Download document

[09.09.2021] Partner research (France)

Dear colleague,

We are a Youth Information Center located in eastern France, involved in international mobilities for youth.

We would be very grateful if you could disseminate the following information to your partners and professional relationships.

We mostly act under vocational mobilities, and are committed to collaborating for volunteers such as ESC.

We are active as intermediary for schools and organizations that wish to offer their participants and students the opportunity to benefit from a traineeship experience abroad (KA1 for Erasmus+).

We take care of every aspect of mobility projects : internship activities and tutoring, accomodation, French language class, and cultural opportunities.

We would be pleased to speak about a potential collaboration on phone or by visio conference.

We are at your disposal should you have any questions.

Best regards,


Delphine Issartel

International youth mobility manager / Eurodesk Center


Info Jeunes Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - France

+33 (0)3 81 21 16 13 -

  27 rue de la République, FR 25000 - Besançon

[28.08.2021] ESC Opportunity in Vichy (France) - 1 volunteer needed

Dear colleagues,

I would like to ask you whether you're interested in cooperation as a Sending Organization and share the offer of our opportunity :

Our Youth Information Center, based in Vichy (FRANCE), is looking for an ESC volunteer from september 2021 to august 2022. The volunteer will be an European mobility ambassador on our territory by leading animations and events in schools, highschools, social centers, social medias, etc., thus conveying the value of interculturality.
(You can find the complete description of the structure, the mission and "technic" questions in the file attached).

  • If you know someone who could be interested in this project, please ask him/her to send an application at with a CV and a motivation letter.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and please, share this call !

Thank you for your help !

Kind regards


Download Flyer

[27.08.2021] Call for participants - 1 ESC volunteer in France

Dear Eurodesk colleagues,

One of our local partners (not us and you're not the coordinating organisation) is looking for 1 ESC volunteer from November 2021 to June 2022 (8 months), in Isle (city near Limoges in France). This project has been accepted by the French national agency.

Some information :

  • Coordinating and Host organisation : Association des Communes Jumelées de Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Association of Twin Towns of Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
  • Activities: twinning, European and International cooperation, mobility, youth, citizenship, intercultural dialogue
  • Activity dates : from 1st November 2021 to 30th June 2022 (8 months)
  • Volunteer's from : EU-program countries, Norway and Iceland

Please find attached more details about the project, and also on the ESC platform :

The candidates have to send cover letter and CV in French or English directly to our partner at by 20 September 2021.


Best regards.




Centre Régional Information Jeunesse Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Site de Limoges

Regional Youth Information Centre of Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Office of Limoges


+33 5 55 10 60 93 (office)

+33 6 46 37 89 48 (mobile)


Download Offer

[06.08.2021] Discover chess with ESC European Solidarity Corps

Dear Eurodesk colleagues,


Europian Solidarity Corps;
Place: Turkey / Siirt
Beginning date of the project;
September 1 - October 29
Number of Volunteers: 4
Anyone between the ages of 18 to 30 are able to apply.
All the volunteers who would like to apply have to send their CV and motivation letter to on August 20th 2021 at 11:59 pm at the latest.
Information Pack;

Kind regards,




Abduusselam YILMAZ

Eurodesk İrtibat Kişisi

Cedid Derneği

TEL :+09 542 781 13 95

veysel karani mahallesi sanayi sitesi 1994/3 Sok :25 Siirt-Turkey


Download Infopack

[03.08.2021] ESC OPPORTUNITY CALL - 1 year in Bydgoszcz (PL)

we received an ESC call from a Polish organisation WIATRAK. I'd be grateful if you could share it with the young people from your country:



  • Helping disabled people at the „Workshop Therapy Center” of „Wiatrak” Foundation,
  • Assisting seniors at the Senior Club and Day Care Center „Pinokio”,
  • Supporting teachers at the kindergarten „U Karolka” and kindergarten „Under the Pines”,
  • Helping at the Catholic Culture Center – CKK „Wiatrak”.


Start: September 2021


You'll find an infopack below.


Have a nice day,


Eurodesk Poland


Download Infopack