TC for YW about safety in Poland - Open Call

I'm looking for Partners which one's will take part in project of (E+, mobility of youthworkers) about safety of youth in youthworkers job.

Duties of partners - recruitment and sending 4-6 youthworkers/leaders etc. for training course in Poland. Helping with group preparation and reimbursement.

TC will take place in Poland around June - November 2017, aprox. 6-8 days. Reimbursement depending of distance.

During course we will teach each other how to create safety enviroment for activities with kids and youth, risk management, basics of first aid, how to educate of responsibility, how to organize safety summer camp with extreme activities.

Participants Fee - up to 25€.

Please send your application with organization informations to  We will respond only for choosen applications. Call open for all countries.

Project prepared by Safe District Starachowice Asociacion and Scout Rescue Group Starachowice.