Partner search for a Youth Exchange (KA1)

Dear colleagues,

an Italian organisation, Hermete, is looking for a partner for a Youth Exchange Project (KA1) to apply at the Erasmus + call of the 4th October.

The topic of this project will be the stereotype, in particular the national ones, and it will involve a group of youngsters between 16 to 22 years old. Here below a short description:

To face the growing feeling of hostility and suspicious towards all Europe for the others this Youth Exchange wants to deal with the concept of stereotype, in particular the one concerning the nationality. Hermete has always worked with youngsters and has a really strong ties with the local reality. For this reason to ensure the success of the project, beside the involvement of the exchange group, Hermete will involve also the local organizations who are working with refugees. Therefore the aim of this Youth exchange is to create a safe space for a group of youngsters, with a different background, where they can face new challenge and step out of their comfort zone to go beyond the stereotypes.


If you need more information don't hesitate to contact me. 


Best regards,

Anna Carnera

Staff Eurodesk

IT176 – Agenzia Eurodesk - Provincia di Verona Nord Ovest