School exchange in Poland

Dear All,

please find below a short description from polish school, which is looking for partnerst to school exchange.


We would like to find a partner to cooperate with it in an Erasmus project. Our school - junior high school is situated in a small but beautiful town Miechów near Kraków(it's in the south of Poland). Our students are 13 - 16 years old. They learn two foreign languages: English and German and want in a practical way use the language.They are interested in such topics as: sport, fashion, culture, foreign languages, science etc. The leading topic we will choose with our future partner.

where: Miechów k/Krakowa Poland

deadline: 30/06/2015

Organiser: Gimnazjum nr 1 im. Macieja Miechowity contact person: Gryla Agnieszka