Looking for partners, KA2 project

Hello, everyone!

I m working in a VET school in Focsani, Romania.

We intend to apply for a strategic partnership, Eramsus, KA2.

In order to identify the partners we send some information and a link where you are invite to complete some details about your institution.

We intend to collaborate with vocational schools where dropout has a high rate.

Thank you!!!

Project title< Tackle early school leaving and absenteeism

Acronym: TESLA


Type of project: KA2 strategic partnership in the field of school education


The general aims of our project are to:


- share best practices in the field of preventing & tackling school absenteeism & early school living;


- learn about ICT based methods that can be used in classes in order to boost students motivation for learning;


- develop a Handbook about best practices in the field of preventing and coping school leaving & absenteeism ;


Main international activities foreseen:


- short time training events to learn about ICT based methods;


- project meetings to share best practices with each other and to develop the Handbook;


Types of partners we are looking for: institutions working in upper secondary education/high-schools/ technical  high-schools which fight with the phenomenon of absenteeism, early school living or drop-outs


Here is the link!


Best wishes!


Flori, Romania, Focsani


If you have a positive answer just let me know till Monday evening, please!


Toate cele bune,



Simona Jianu - Coordonator Eurodesk

ANPCDEFP - Departamentul Comunicare

Universitatea "Politehnica" Bucuresti, Biblioteca Centrala

Splaiul Independentei nr. 313, Sector 6

RO - 060042, Bucuresti

Tel direct:



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