“Small scale cooperation project”

Dear collegues,


The “consortium” Con.Cor.D.A. (Consorzio Coreografi Danza d’Autore, Pisa, Italy, is working on a “Small scale cooperation project” (

The purpose of the project is to organize three Dance Festivals. The festivals will take place in suburban areas of the participating countries, with free entry. The main goal of the project is in fact creating educational opportunities, especially for young people.

The Consorzio has already one foreign partner (the Compagnie Didier Theron di Montpellier), but they are looking for another one.

Can you help us to spread the message, please?

For futher information on the project, please feel free to can contact the Con.Cor.D.A. artistic director: Flavia Bucciero 3462267973 / .

In addition, you can visit the following websites:

Best regards

Edoardo Corsi