Youth Guarantee project

Dear Colleagues,

we are searching partners for a Youth Guarantee project (deadline 17 July) in the transnational context. The chosen sector is sustainable tourism (farms, parks, didactic farms, land promotion agencies, tou operators etc).

The NEETs to be involved will be 10-12 (ages 15 to 29) for each partner country (maximum 3 countries).

Partner organizations will have a supportive role in identifying 3/4 local enterprises where the users above-mentioned should be placed in traineeship; Not only, but also an effective support for housing and monitoring. A monthly grant per trainee is planned.

Do you know some organizations that might be interested in?


Thanks you in advance!

Elena Carli


IT045 Venezia

Ca' Farsetti - S. Marco 4136

tel. 041 2748082 - fax 041 2748182