Partner search for Agriculture, Tourism and Environment

Hi everyone,

Município de Odemira (2015-1-PT02-KA110-002344) are looking for new partners, send and receive, for a new project, that will be applied on Round 1 (february).

For us to send we consider fundamental for our territory this areas:

- Agriculture and Forest

- Sustainable Tourism

- Environment

We will take this in consideration, because we want our volunteers to learn and to implement in our territory new projects.

This new project will be implemented with 6 local partners, their main activities are:

- Environment and sustainable development

- Culture, Music and sports

Cause we want to check the information send, please inform us the website, and if possible other projects you've been involved.

We´ll be very glad if the information arrive until 12th december, so we can check all the information.

Send your information to:


Paulo Jacob

Setor de Juventude

Divisão de Desenvolvimento Sócio Cultural Município de Odemira