Skills of future leaders of civic societies

The international workshops AoF are organised by Social Innovation Workshop, an NGO based in Poland, Krakow and K.Adenauer Foundation Poland.

Our mission is to develop the skills of future leaders of civic societies.

We want to recruit 20 persons - mainly foreigners. The workshops will last 5 days, in Krakow. We cover accomodation; the participation fee is 20 euros+ travel costs. The workshops will be dedicated to improving level euros+ of intercultural dialogue, non-violent communication and problem solving of political and social problems. This year we are organising 4th edition.

More information and application form on:

when: 29.06-03.07.2016 r

deadline: 08.06.2016 r

contact person: Jagoda Komusińska

email: jagoda.komusiń