Multicultural survival camp

Dear Collegues,

please find below short information about 2 YE in Poland:

  1. We are looking for partners from different countries for youth exchange in Poland. We already have one spanish partner and we need 3 organizations more which are interested in survival. We are going to make some outside activities and sleep in tents for 6 days (summer 2016).

We have a big experience in international youth exchanges so if you are interested in this project, please, contact the coordinator: Karol Malinowski, e-mail:

  1. Hello! We are looking for partners to youth exchange project in Poland

- MOVIE MAKING. We have a group of participants who has a big experience in that topic. We already have the experienced partner from Romania. Now, we want to find two organizations more. Our terms: you have to find participants interested in movie making, e.g.: - EDITING, - ACTING, - SCENOGRAPHY, - SCENARIO MAKING, - SPECIAL EFFECTS, - SOUNDING etc.

If you are interested to start the cooperation, please, contact the coordinator by e-mail (Ewa Bołtryk


best regards

Małgorzata Piotrowska

Eurodesk Poland

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