Mobility project for professionals

Title: Mobility project for professionals

Programm: Erasmus+


The Voivodeship Labour Office in Katowice (Poland) would like to offer an international cooperation based on the EU Programme Erasmus+.

Please, let me explain more detailed information about the project:

- our goal is to improve the knowledge of the participants on the situation of young people and the unemployed and activating action of a group of young people;

- we want to create a mobility project for employees of the public employment services; The exchange Project will be financed in 100% from the Erasmus+ programme.

Host Organization does not bear any costs relating to subsistence, travel and insurance of the Beneficiaries.

for organisation from: Netherland, Sweden, Finland, Danmark, Germany, Austria

when: autumn 2015 - spring 2016

Deadline: 20/02/2015

Organizer: Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy w Katowicach (Voivodeship Labour Office)

Contact person: Łukasz Dziaduszewski