Call for Partners KA1 Exchange in Spain


We have prepared a project to be presented tomorrow. the project dates are 10 to 17 August , and the theme is culture and volunteerism.

We are looking for partners to do a multillateral exchange and first we want to bring participants to our city, Seville. We would need 6 participants at the age of 16-18.

If you are interested, could you contact us on, we are going to need the pic, your experience, your profile, accreditation, your legal representation and contact person.

Thanks in advance.


Centro Multiplicador Cualificado


Instituto Municipal de Dinamización Ciudadana Ayuntamiento de Mairena del Aljarafe Ciudad Aljarafe, Conjunto 16

41927 Sevilla

Tfn.- 954178931 / Fax.- 954764548